An older man, in late '50's, clean shaven with shoulder length black hair, lanky and tall, bound tightly in his black puritanical clothing, with a cape billowing behind him darkly. his hands gripped tightly at the brace of pistols at his sides. Witch Hunter General for the past year, he is the youngest man to serve as Witch Hunter General, having earned the position for discovering an agent of chaos within the Emperor's court and uncovering a plot to murder the Emperor and the Grand Theogonist.

He is dry and humorless, as well as condescending and arrogant, but his loyalty to his empire and to Sigmar is fanatical. He is an experienced adventurer, having travelled to every province of the Empire and faced countless horrors in battle, and a cunning warrior, whose preferred weapons are his brace of pistols which he can use with frightening accuracy.

In the wake of the Throne of Chaos, Hopkins has arrived at Nuln with orders from the Emperor himself to organize a series of investigations and witch-hunts to root out and destroy the remnants of Tamurkhan's horde and discover if they are being aided by any local cults. He sends his servant, Hansel, along with a Light Wizard from the Colleges of Magic at the Citadel, and a high elf mercenary to prepare the town of Heidelberg for his arrival, as he will be using it as a staging point for conducting an investigation of the nearby forests and ruins for any trace of the enemy.