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Battle at the Gates of Nuln

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Beginning after the Throne of Chaos, Tamurkhan's forces have been routed at the gates of Nuln by the armies of the Emperor. Though Tamurkhan is defeated, his vast horde has been scattered the southern Empire, where they wreak havoc across the countryside. The rule of the Emperor does not extend far beyond the gates of his cities, leaving it up to the Witch Hunter General and his cohorts to root out and destroy this insidious enemy.

The OpeningEdit

Meeting up in preparation for the Witch Hunter General, Hopkins von Garring, a lone Witch Hunter, a High Elven White Lion, and an elderly Light Wizard meet up in order to find a suitable location for the General's forward outpost. Unfortunately for them, not everything has settled down since Tamurkhan's defeat.

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The Old World

The Empire

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Peter Tsarovich

Rolf Hightower


Notable Characters Edit

Hans the Hermit

The Witch

Witch Hunter General Hopkins von Gerring

Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord



Hansel Webster

The Vampire Lord

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Tower of Hans

The Vampire Barrow

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The First Act

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