in the town of Heidelburg, during the events of the Throne of Chaos, all who drank from the local well contracted a horrific disease, when the surgeon from Nuln autopsied their bodies he was horrified to discover writhing maggots, bigger than a man's forearm, dwelling within the corpses. The Priests would cleanse the well, and the villagers would drink from the river in the meantime, but eventually they too died, and when the surgeon cut them open he found more maggots. Suspecting witchcraft and heresy of the foulest sort, the priest, Vicar Peter Tsarovich, requested the aid of the witch-hunters and began investigating the town. He suspected a young girl, a refugee with no parents who was staying in the stables behind the inn, named Greta. His suspicions were confirmed when the stablehand cleaned the rafters to find a book hidden in the hay, The Liber Chaotica, Vicar Peter ordered her burned at the stake. They bound her to the stake on the pyre in the village square, and as the flames began to close in around her, she began screaming in an eldritch tongue which hurt the ears to hear it, and a rift to the warp was opened and out spilled daemons of chaos, they destroyed the town, leaving it in bloody ruin amidst her horrific shrill laughter.

Greta witch

Greta the Witch

When the adventurers arrived in Heidelburg they looked among the mound of corpses to find Greta naked beneath them, they rested her and gave her warmth though maintaining a deep suspicion. She began to seduce (Ben's character), who would have fallen to her charms if not for the demands made by Hansel and Rolf Hightower to submit to investigation. She changed form to that of a ragged hag with emerald skin and a long pustulant hooked nose, she attacked the group and managed to drag the witch-hunter Hansel off the bridge and into the still waters of the River Sol despite being shot in the head by Hansel's pistol.