Hansel Webster Edit

Early Life Edit

Hansel's early life remains eerily unknown, as he was a quiet man and did not reveal much to anyone. He was rumored to be an orphan and his accent placed him somewhere from the Reikland, but not much else is known. The only consistent thing in Hansel's life was an Amulet of Morr that he always had around his neck. Morr is the Lord of Death and a favorite amongst Witch Hunters, but for a young boy to wear it was considered taboo.

The only time Hansel spoke of his childhood was when he mentioned the town he lived at being raided by greenskins. While Hansel gave a vague explanation of what happened, including Imperial Soldiers appearing and saving the town, this incident cannot be found in any records. Myths have arosen that Hansel lied about what happened and that the greenskins were stopped by something else in the town. Most point fingers to his amulet while some question his adept skill in combat.

Witch Hunter Edit

Becoming a fully pledged Witch Hunter was no burden to Hansel and was done with ease. His first task was deployment to Sylvania, where he rooted out crypt ghouls and their larger brothers, crypt horrors. Rumors came from Sylvania about a witch hunter who also explored every ruined castle in Sylvania, including Drakenhof. Whether or not this is Hansel Webster is highly debated.


Hansel in Sylvania.

When Tamurkhan marched upon Nuln, Hansel was called to the Witch Hunter General's side and marched southwards. Fighting at Nuln, Hansel was forced to hold back entire waves of demons by himself as lesser warriors combated the Chaos Warriors.

Heidelburg Edit

Venturing to Heidelburg with Rolf Hightower and Lorthiel, Hansel Webster was given the task of securing the outpost for the Witch Hunter General. Finding Heidelburg burnt to the ground, Hansel was immediately skeptic when they encountered a young teenage girl. Pushing for an exorcism, him and Lorthiel almost came to blows before the young girl, Greta, revealed herself as a witch.

Hansel would fight the witch to the best of his abilities, but the witch was clearly the stronger force. Before being beaten by the witch, Hansel shot the witch straight between the eyes with his flintlock and was pulled over by Greta to the river.